Wearable Intelligence

A growing niche in the business intelligence market is the Wearable Technology field and all of the devices exploding onto the market.

Wearing out Business Intelligence

If you think about the goals of business intelligence and the benefits it can provide an enterprise in diverse areas such as purchasing, production, analytics, productivity, etc, it only stands to reason that it would spread to real time operations.

Whether it is an assembly line worker getting quick feedback on quality, productivity, or instructions on how to perform a task or perhaps a general surgeon getting video feeds on a complex operation in a third world country from a specialist in the United States, you have to admit that the technology is making huge leaps and our potential to leverage that is greater than any time in history.

Google Glass Wearable IntelligenceSome of the uses are considered traditional applications with a different interface – for example, rather than a laptop or tablet, you have Google Glass – but I would suggest that the “application” role is expanding and merging with business intelligence – the ebb and flow of what it is called and how it is classified will change, but one thing is certain…

Business Intelligence is CHANGING

Think about that surgery again… a few years ago, it was a manual, then an online reference, then an online video, now perhaps a Google Glass application from WearableIntelligence.com. There are also robot surgeries or surgeon’s who operate remotely from very large expensive machines, but who’s to say there won’t be a small, precise, portable surgery system with remote operation that costs less and is easy to produce with a general surgeon supervising… may already be happening, but my guess is it will be in the next year or two at the latest.

It will happen and it will change things for underserved areas of the world. Doctors who currently volunteer by flying across the world and visiting briefly could use that same cost to purchase a portable surgery unit, and donate much less time and get more surgeries done remotely!

The BI impacts are staggering – if the data gathering, goals, results, reports and more could be updated frequently and real time impacts could be measured and procedures modified you could have top notch surgeries being routinely performed remotely… the additional data could be used by current experts and additional improvements would explode! Thus feeding BI back into a continuous loop without the afterthoughts of many solution implementations.

I am so excited to be around to witness the advances we will see in many industries and much of it will be the results of BI… even if it gets renamed or consumed into the business process world… either way it will be great to watch and even better to be a participant!

What do you think will be the best part of Business Intelligence and Wearable Technologies in the next few years? Leave a comment below and let’s see how it plays out!

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