Oracle OBIEE Training

Super excited about some Oracle OBIEE training today.

It is more of an end user focus, but in reality, isn’t that what the focus should be? Having a tool available that can provide:

  • Dashboards – customizable, browser based, mobile, etc
  • Analysis – Scorecards, Reports, Collaboration
  • Data Source variety – simplified mode for user, federated data, calculations
  • Connected – updatable sections of the page that cascade to all other sections

is truly invaluable for users at all levels.

OBIEE Query and Analysis User InterfaceAlso, if we do our job correctly from an IT standpoint and abstract the data into a business relevant model it should allow an end user self service type product that is going to be a part of the future for all Business Intelligence and Big Data projects. Of course, creating the metadata necessary to allow this “easy” reporting is the heavy lifting part that is what we get paid to do :)

My favorite part are the visualizations because I like to see data presented in a way that can be quickly interpreted or that points out patterns in data that otherwise would be too big or seemingly unrelated to be of use in a text format. Some of the features I really want to dive into are:

  • Rich Interactive Visualizations
  • Master Detail Linked sections
  • Charts with some really interesting focus that you don’t see every day
  • Mobile based dashboards and reporting

All in all it should be a fun day learning some new business intelligence reporting solutions. Hopefully some nice tips and tricks while we’re at it.

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