Business Intelligence Definition

Business Intelligence definition are found all over the web and we needed some common ground. We had to get started somewhere and we thought, why not see how the industry defines Business Intelligence and Big Data. What we found was that it is not very consistent so we consolidated some of the definitions and we will be working on our own soon.  Let us know what you think and if you have a better one please comment and we’ll check it out. Editor’s note: We think we have a better, long term BI definition now – check it out

Business Intelligence definition

Business Intelligence is a term that is used to describe technologies and methodologies that are used to transform and analyze an organization’s raw data.
Business Intelligence
The recent growth of “big data” has exposed a great need for capturing and analyzing these massive data sets. The data must be presented in a way that is clean, content rich, and interactive so it is accessible to business users and they are able to see and understand the value it adds to the organization.

BI allows users to better understand the complexity of the data, which allows them to make more accurate business decisions. The use of well managed business intelligence will give an organization a competitive advantage over its peers by allowing them to better identify their strengths and weaknesses along with being able to detect opportunities for innovation and cost reduction.

Big Data definition

Big data is a term used to describe large volumes of data that can be difficult to process through traditional database and software techniques. Along with traditional database data, big data can include any type of data you are able to store on a computer, both structured and unstructured.
Big Data Definition
Examples include email messages, photos, videos, activity logs, and text. As of 2012, 2.5 quintillion (2.5×10^28) bytes of data were created every day. As organizations continue to bring in more and more data, the ability to store, process, and analyze the data is becoming more and more difficult.

Data warehouses and specific business intelligence software tools are needed to handle these massive data sets so other programs and users are able to analyze and draw conclusions from it.

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